Young Nats, Pandas and “borrowed” images?

The Prime Minister and his wife have been in China for the APEC meeting. As part of this trip, Bronagh went on a visit to a giant panda breeding park in Chengdu. Needless to say this has resulted in a number of warm fuzzy media stories about the visit. There are a number of photos doing the rounds of the event.


The Young Nats have posted about it:



As have Radio NZ:



And Radio Live:


Radio New Zealand and Stuff have both credited the source of the image, and I have confirmed the source of the Radiolive image. But take a look at the RadioLive and Young Nats images next to each other:


Apart from an Instagram treatment:


The images look to be exactly the same. The issue is that on neither Facebook, nor Instagram, is there any credit for the source of the image. It is not a good look for the youth wing of one of the major political parties to be using images from the media without credit. Some will argue that once and image is on social media it is free to use. Firstly that ignores the legal issues of copyright, but secondly just because that approach is accepted by some, that doesn’t mean that an organisation like the Young Nats should just use images without credit. Political parties, and their youth wings, should be seen to be not only abiding by the law, which it is questionable they have done here, but they should also be going above and beyond to make sure that credit is given where it is needed.