Labour Party, Kauri and Social Media

Sunday evening, 7:20pm, what were you doing? Apparently someone in the Labour Party social media team was working. How do I know this? Because they tweeted something. But not just because of that. I know someone was working because they tweeted this:

kauri 2


Then they noticed there was a word missing. So they pulled that tweet and tweeted this corrected version:

kauri 3

A couple of points to make. If you are going to tweet something, that is obviously preplanned, as a party leader account everything should be carefully checked before it is tweeted. There is no excuse for a  missing out words and having to pull a tweet. As this post proves, if you make a mistake, someone out there will have proof.


Secondly,  there are many ways that you can schedule tweets to automatically post, without needing someone to remember to do it. The fact that they were so quick to pull the tweet indicates they aren’t using something like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, or if they are they aren’t using its full functionality.


Though I must say it is a good sign that they aren’t posting the same image at the same time on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing worse than seeing the same graphic twice in 10 min when you like a party’s page and follow their Twitter account.