MPs on Twitter: Holly Walker

Holly Walker is a Green Party list MP based in the Hutt South electorate. She is a new mother to a little girl, Esther. She was elected at the 2011 election. She is also a Rhodes Scholar.


Holly has sent 7887 Tweets, she follows 1331 people and is followed by 3047 people. She is at the lower end of the more active tweeters in Parliament. Her tweets have a moderate level of retweets, 18%, she has a following who are willing to retweet her tweets. Which is a good way to the message out there.

holly 7

Holly is willing to poke a bit of fun at herself. Which is not a bad thing. Taking yourself too seriously is a quick way to get tired of politics.


Holly tweets from Select committee hearings. Which isn’t a bad thing. Though, it would be good if MPs tweeting from select committees used a hashtag for each select committee, so people could easily look back at what had been happening.

holly 1

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Even when making a bit of a dig at another MP, Holly can find the humour to do it in a less offensive way.

holly 4

Holly is obviously a very proud parent.

holly 5


I would tend to agree with Holly, if more guys knew being a fulltime dad could involve spending time at the pub, I suspect more guys would be keen to be fulltime dads.



holly 6



Holly has a good presence on Twitter, she is good at replying to tweets, even from those on the other side of the political spectrum. She has started tweeting from select committees, it would be good to see this being kept up, with a hashtag being used to make it easier to find. It would also be good if she could encourage her fellow MPs to do the same. Anything that gives voters an insight into what happens in Parliament is a good thing.


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  1. Tweeting from Select Cttees is all very well, but calls into question how much attention is being given to the work of the select Cttees.

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