Maori Party Graphics

I blogged yesterday, asking who let the Maori Party loose in the clipart folder. I retweeted the link this morning for those who missed it yesterday. I got the following reply from Ngarangi Chapman:


Which may be true, but if you are trying to build and maintain a brand, something that is recognisable, you should try and maintain the quality. But today they have come out with the following graphic:


Which is back to the sort of level that they have been producing in recent weeks. So it isn’t like they are unable to produce high quality graphics. As an observer, consistently bad graphics gives a message of “we don’t care”, which I don’t like, but it simply gives a message about that. Where as up and down graphic quality presents an image of bigger issues than having consistently bad graphics. Up and down graphics quality  raises other issues, it suggests internal issues, either with time, time management or other resources, like money. Once a party lifts the bar to a certain point, that no longer becomes a target, but a minimum level.