Peter Dunne, short videos and UnitedFuture policies

I have blogged before about Peter Dunne using Instagram’s video function to talk about UnitedFuture’s policies. Today I saw something similar come across my Facebook feed.


I have said that I think doing something like this is a good idea. If you can condense a key aspect of a policy into 10 seconds, you are more likely to get people to give up those 10 seconds to listen.


However, if the video is going to achieve anything, what is being said needs to be audible. I am somewhere with lots of noise around, so I wasn’t able to listen, but I got a friend to have a watch, and they said that the Peter’s voice is hard to hear and it isn’t clear what he is saying.


There is no point in producing content that is not of a standard at which it will be useful for its purpose, which is to try and convince people to vote for your party.