Promoting the debate: Labour vs National

Tonight is the TV3 leaders debate between David Cunliffe and John Key. It is the second to last debate of the election campaign. There is a clear difference between how the debate is being promoted. First lets look at how Campbell Live have promoted the debate:


I am sure there is plenty that can be said about the photos of the two leaders they have picked. But other than that there isn’t much to comment on, apart from the fact that nearly one hour after it was posted, it has only been retweeted by 11 people.


The clear difference is when you look at the how the two parties are promoting the debate.



Labour have graphics on David Cunliffe’s Twitter account:


The Labour party Twitter account:


David Cunliffe’s Facebook page:


And Labour’s Facebook page:


Between David and Labour’s Twitter account they have 34 retweets. While the Facebook side has 126 shares and around 800 likes between them. Not only do they have posts across more all the platforms and pages, they also have multiple images being used. They have put in effort to generate attention and help get people talking about the debate on social media.



National on the other hand have only started promoting it at 7pm, around 100 min before the debate. They have also gone with the same image for all the channels:





Labour haven’t done as much promotion as they did for The Press debate, but that may be because it is a TV3 debate and will get more promotion and attention than The Press debate did. But Labour have still done a lot more to promote the debate than National have done. Not just in the timing of the promotion, but also shaking up and having different graphics for different channels.