This is why you should follow Colmar Brunton on Twitter

I have blogged in the past about Colmar Brunton on Twitter. I talked about doing a people to follow on Twitter post about them. But I have not got around to it. But here is more proof as to why you should follow them.


Earlier today I asked on Twitter if we would see a poll this election with the Greens higher than Labour. This sparked a bit of a debate. But someone asked an interesting question:


That question was asked at 12:45 today. At 1pm Colmar replied:


So in the space of 15 min Colmar Brunton’s Twitter team were able to pull out 14 years of data and graph it. Now they may have had it pre-prepared, but even still. I am impressed at the response time from their account.


Update: By the looks of it, due to the quick turn around, it wasn’t noticed that there were a couple of years missing from the first graph. So Colmar Brunton have just tweeted this updated graph. Trend is still the same. But full data now.