Twitter Top 100: My take

This is the fifth in a series of posts looking at  Bryce Edwards and Geoffrey Miller’s top 100 tweeters to follow this election. There was much discussion afterwards about the make up of the list, and the lack of female or ethnic members on the list. I have been thinking about it a bit as well, and felt that it was worth taking a bit of a deeper look at some of the people on the list which I have done here. I was going to look at all of the brackets, but I found that I was reaching the same conclusion over and over again. So I am going to skip the rest of the brackets and jump right to my list of top 100 followers.


This top 100 is actually going to be 51 long, as I am leaving out the MPs, as well as the many accounts that don’t really contribute to things.  It is also just  a list, but not an ordered one. It has been created by taking the ones I agree with from Bryce and Geoffrey’s list, along with some from Stephanie’s and adding a couple of others that I think people have missed out.  I am sure that there are others that I have forgotten as well. So I will add to this as I remember people.


1) Whaleoil @Whaleoil

2) David Farrar @dpfdpf

3) Toby Manhire @toby_etc

4) Andrea Vance @avancenz

5) Philip Matthews @secondzeit

6) Hamish Rutherford @oneforthedr

7) John Drinnan @Zagzigger

8) Matthew Hooton @MatthewHootonNZ

9) Martyn Bradbury @CitizenBomber

10) Idiot/Savant @norightturnnz

11) David Slack @DavidSlack

12) Lew Stoddart @LewSOS

13) Paora Ropata @kiaora4that

14) Alex Coleman @shakingstick

15) Morgan Godfery @MorganGodfery

16) Giovanni Tiso @gtiso

17) Patrick Gower @patrickgowernz

18) Felix Marwick @felixmarwick

19) Katie Bradford @katieabradford

20) Jessica Williams @mizjwilliams

21) Laura McQuillan @mcquillanatorz

22) Heather du Plessis-Allan @hdpaNEWS

23) Duncan Garner @Garner_Liv

24) Russell Brown @publicaddress

25)  Mihingarangi Forbes @Mihi_Forbes

26) Mike Hosking @hoskingonzb

27) John Campbell @JohnJCampbell

28) Wallace Chapman @wallacelchapman

29) Damian Christie @damianchristie

30) Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom

31) Laila Harré @lailaharre

32) Colin Craig @ColinCraigNZ

33) Clint Smith @ClintVSmith

34) Miriam Pierard @miriampierard

35) Andrew Campbell @Andr3wCampbell

36) Graeme Edgeler @GraemeEdgeler

37) Danyl Mclauchlan @danylmc

38) Claire Robinson @Spinprofessor

39) Colmar Brunton @ColmarBruntonNZ

40) Andrew Robertson @Unimatrix_0

41) Elle Hunt @mlle_elle

42) Asher Goldman @AsherGoldman

43) Isabelle @izzyelle

44) Stephanie Rodgrs @stephanierodgrs

45) Aunty Shub @_surlymermaid_

46) Megapope @Megapope

47) Lamia @LI_politico

48) Ben Rachinger @B3nRaching3r

49) France Cook @FrancesCook

50) Queen of Cobden @QueenofCobden

51) Carrie Stoddart-Smith @Ellipsister