Twitter Conversation of the day 19 August: Eugenie and Craig

Earlier today Craig from Radio New Zealand sent the following tweet this morning:


About an hour later Eugenie Sage sent this tweet:


Note the ” at the start and the : after the handle. This is normally how a manual retweet would appear. This is not how a reply would appear. Has Eugenie attempted to make it look like a retweet to try and make a point, hoping that others won’t notice?


I think that Laura is being rather kind with her assumption that it is a misquote. So far there has been no reply from Eugenie. Using the handle of a member of the Gallery in a way that implies that it is a direct quote from them, when it isn’t, is a questionable way to use Twitter.


Eugenie has replied, explaining it as bad punctuation. But this should serve as a warning for all MPs and candidates.