Expectations for the last week

This is the last week of the campaign. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that the date of the election was announced, but time has flown, and here we are 5 days our from election day. Coming up this week we have Kim Dotcom’s “bombshell” and the final leaders debate. We also have the closing statements, which are being filmed at the moment, coming up on Friday night:


So what do I expect to see happening. I suspect we will see a big get  out the vote push, particularly from parties on the left. This will be a combination of posts about actually voting, as well as graphics, like we have already seen from the Greens and Young Nats, for people to use as a way to promote voting for the respective parties. I expect we will see some policy review graphics popping up, or the reposting of policy graphics from earlier in the campaign, to remind people of the policies that have been announced. Act will continue to tweet a lot, but with no real coherent plan behind it. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a bigger emphasis on getting content retweeted/shared to try and reach those people who don’t really engage with politics.


So they are my expectations for the week, lets see how it pans out!