This year I’m voting. And I’m voting National

I blogged this morning about the Green Party avatars that they were promoting. National also have some avatars doing the rounds. They are not as wide spread as the Green avatars. But that could be because I can’t find where they are coming from.


I have looked back on the National Facebook page, and John Key’s page. I also checked the National Party and Teamkey websites and there is nothing there. It was only after checking with a contact, that I established that they are coming from the Young Nats. Now they aren’t being directly promoted as profile pictures, but I have seen a number of people using them as such. So they also have the same issue that the Greens have, there appears to be no explanation about how the graphics would need to be removed as profile photos if users put them up as their profile picture and then want to use their social media profiles before 7pm on election day.